World Class Infrastructure

RKSV has a presence with all major exchanges in India. Trade on the NSE, BSE and MCX with direct execution lines to each exchange. Our presence spans multiple datacenters within Mumbai -- including colocation at both the NSE and BSE. Along with exchange presence, we employ top class hardware at each location. When you’re running a latency sensitive strategy, hardware latency matters a lot. That’s why we have a 10 GbE infrastructure within our datacenters. Bring your own hardware and get a sandbox to run your algo trading strategies within our cloud.

Robust Software Stack

Design your own strategies using a UI and run them directly on colocated servers. We provide hosted algorithmic solutions that takes the pain of setting up hardware systems. Our trade terminals allow you to design and run complex strategies on the fly. Want deeper access? Trade in the markets using globally recognized protocols such as FIX and FAST. For faster access, we provide direct C++ and Java APIs to help you with direct connectivity for order placement and market data. Our centres are equipped with the latest tick-by-tick feeds from the exchanges.

Risk Management

Every order gets checked through our risk management systems before hitting the exchange. You will be protected against "fat finger" orders from your traders or algorithms. Safety checks such as rate limits, margin checks, portfolio mark-to-market checks and much more will be enabled automatically. Our risk management team will constantly monitor your positions to spot anomalies.

Complete Support

Back office services are just as important as front office. Along with technical support for setting up your systems, we will also help you work with the exchanges. We can help you with audit checks, algorithm approval, financial reporting and other services.