6 major factors pushing the Indian markets to all time highs

The Indian benchmark indices on short intervals are hitting all-time high levels. The sentiment among investors has turned bullish and they are expecting the Indian markets to rally another 5-10 per cent in the run-up to Diwali. A mix of global and domestic factors is pushing the benchmarks to newer highs: 1. US markets at recordRead More

Set Off And Carry Forward Of Losses On Shares

Set Off And Carry Forward Of Losses On Shares Hi friends, I am back with another blog. First of all wish you everyone A Merry Christmas. In continuation with my last blog, wherein we learnt about “Disallowances of Expenses on Exempt Income”, in this blog we shall discuss regarding “Set Off & Carry Forward ofRead More

Disallowances of Expenses on Exempt Income

Disallowances of Expenses on Exempt Income (Intricacies of Section 14 A of the Income Tax Act) In this blog, we shall learn about Disallowances of Expenses on Exempt Income. In most of the cases, a taxpayer has some exempt income or other and it is a common practice that the assessing officers will attribute normal business expenditure toRead More

Taxation – All about F&O Taxation in India

Taxation on F&O   Most of the Indian Taxpayers irrespective of their earnings through business, jobs, services, indulge in Share trading because it is the quickest way of earning handsome money. It is therefore, necessary to know the taxation on the earning from share trading. But, before going into the taxation part, first it isRead More

Business Ethics: The Importance of Having a Code

We use the phrase ‘Business Ethics’ in a lot of different ways. It varies, depending on how one conceives of the object under discussion. A code of ethics is about corporate culture, which can help a business determine its priorities and values. Importance of Business Ethics It is a collection of principles and practices, whichRead More

Overview of Union Budget 2013

Budget 2013 – Overview The day of the budget is always tense and this time, with the Union Budget 2013,  it was no different. The markets plunged to the day’s low with BSE dropping 190 points to 18961, while Nifty declined 65 points to 5732. Rupee also, slipped to 54.18 to the dollar. Union BudgetRead More