E commerce War

Headlines have been dedicated to e-commerce websites like Flipkart and Amazon this year. Especially after Flipkart raised $1 billion (~6,000 crores) worth funds from investors, quickly followed by an announcement by the US-based retail major Amazon to investing $2 billion (~12,000 crores) in its India business. Suffice to say, e-commerce has had one super yearRead More

Demat accounts

Demat Account – Overview What is a demat account? Demat stands for dematerialization. The shares you buy from the stock market dematerialize into electronic form in this account. Like a bank account where you can check the balance of your money, you can view your shares/holdings that you own. This is different from a tradingRead More

Beware of Online Frauds

It is human tendency to want to earn “easy and fast money”. Most of us get attracted towards such words. In today’s world where most of the information is available through just a click of mouse, we need to be very alert in order to prevent online frauds. Beware of Online Frauds The above statementRead More

Misconceptions of Discount Broking

Discounts and Misconceptions Last year, my wife and I visited my cousin’s place and my wife saw a clock on the wall; it was the same clock she had seen in a shop recently. My Bhabhi told my wife that she had ordered the same same clock online at a rate of Rs. 300 lower.Read More

Buying versus selling options

Buying versus selling options: choose to buy Yes, that is a bold statement! But this blog details the differences between buying versus selling options. It is said that if you are on the buy side of an options trade and if it does not work in your favor then you empty what’s there in your pocket; butRead More

Role of a Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Management A portfolio is a basket of stocks. Portfolio management of various instruments (shares, bonds, derivatives, etc..) and assets (such as real estate) are arranged in order to meet specified investment goals. A portfolio manager is a person who will help you create one to manage your risk and achieve your profit goals. Role of aRead More