Financial Planning – Budgeting and Insurance

Financial Planning – Budgeting and Insurance

Just yesterday a friend of mine bought his dream car, I remember 5 years ago when he told me that he wanted to buy it and finally the day was here. In bright crimson red his car stood outside his society gate waiting to be taken for a spin. Lucky him, I thought. We droveRead More

Trading Moving Averages

Trading Moving Averages So we know what a moving average is pretty well by now, a line drawn by smoothing out price data over a set period of time is a moving average.  Smoothing out helps to reduce the spike fluctuations that occur from one candlestick to another so that the line produced can easilyRead More

What Are Moving Averages?

Have you ever wondered what those squiggly blue lines on the chart are? Moving averages are perhaps the most used indicator out there for traders. I have seen traders who don’t use averages, keeping them on the chart ‘anyway’ – That is how staple this indicator is. This video by RKSV’s education arm ‘TradeAcademy’ explainsRead More

Guide To Stock Market Crashes – Sensex & Nifty

Guide To Stock Market Crashes – Sensex & Nifty

So the market crashed! What do you do now? If you invest in SIPs, mutual funds or stocks then this guide is for you. We are going to bust some myths TradeAcademy style, this guide will talk specifically for the 24th August market crash. On the morning of 24th August I was speaking with Shrinivas,Read More

What Is Modi’s Digital India Programme?

If you are not used to paying your electricity bill and other bills online you better get ready for the E-Kranti, The Digital India project which has been approved by the cabinet at an outlay of Rs 1 Lakh crore rupees. Digital India: Video Version What Is it? The government’s Rs. 1,00,000 crore-plus initiative’s blueprint envisionsRead More

Reliance: The journey to $75 billion and beyond

It has been 37 years since Reliance listed on the stock market. If you had invested Rs 1,000 in RIL shares when it listed in 1977-78, it would have been worth Rs 7.78 lakh, its chairman and managing director Mukesh Ambani had proudly said at its annual general meeting in 2012. It is a mammothRead More

Everything you want to know about REITs

What If there was a way to invest in property just like shares? Well, A new investment opportunity is now available for investors, dubbed the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). This, technically now opens the champagne bottle for everyone who wanted to invest in real estate, but couldn’t because of high entry barriers. The FinanceRead More

Lessons From Livermore – 4 Things Learnt From A Great Trader

The Boy Plunger This article talks about 4 things we can learn from one of the most talked about traders in the world – Jesse Livermore. One of the first books which fascinated and terrified me at the same time was “Reminisces of a Stock Operator” a book on Jesse Livermore. You can buy the bookRead More

New Options Trader? – 8 Things You Need To Know About Options!

The allure, the mystic odds, mammoth single day swings and darn cheap investment prices attract the most intelligent and not so intelligent to trade options from all corners of our country. On first sight, we see investment amounts as low as a few thousand rupees to control (theoretically) large sums of money, they move 20%Read More

What Did Harshad Mehta Do? The 5,000 Crore Scam

Who Is Harshad Mehta – The 5,000 crore Rupee Scam I’ve been in touch with the stock market for a while now, and I realise that there are only two people that pop in the minds of people who associate the market with – Rajkesh Jhunjhunwalla and Harshad Mehta. Both are opposite sides of theRead More

India: 3rd Largest Economy – 5 Fascinating Infographics

5 Fascinating Infographics Good things do come before election results don’t they? Well, this time it’s a report by the world bank which you can find here,  it says that India has now overtaken Japan to become the third largest economy in terms of PPP (purchasing power parity). The report also talked about why measuringRead More