May Updates

Team RKSV has been hard at work to bring you new features and service updates. This month of May is full of new launches! Election Fever The election season is in full swing. Markets will be extremely volatile as we get closer and closer to 16th May election results day. Volatility may last that entireRead More

High Frequency Trading and Colocation

High Frequency Trading (HFT) and Colocation I often get asked “Do retail traders get squeezed out of the markets due to co-located automated robot-trading”? The answer is nearly always no. High Frequency Trading refers to automated algorithmic trading. The type of trading done by client-side computer servers in a either full or semi-full autonomous fashion.Read More

Trading Platforms in India

Trading Platforms When evaluating which broker to trade with, it is important to give high consideration to the choice of trading platforms offered by the broker. A trading platform is your window to the markets – and it’s speed, reliability, availability, and feature set are all critical factors to consider. Retail trading platforms have evolvedRead More

Investing in Productive Assets

Investing in Productive Assets Indians are the largest buyers of gold, a high value yet unproductive asset. As the saying in the industry goes, “If India sneezes, the gold industry will catch a cold”. This article will highlight the benefits of investing in productive assets. Yet gold you see, is ultimately just a piece of passive yellowRead More

Investing in what you know

Investing in what you know I always tell people that nearly anybody can be a good investor. I do not believe everybody can be a good trader, but anyone can invest successfully, if they follow one general principle: invest in what you know. It sounds simple enough, yet it is very powerful. When pouring overRead More