How to Read Financial Statements

Financial Statements – How to read them Financial statements, essentially, describe the profitability and value of any business. A standard set of financial statements comprises of four components. While it is important to understand the similarities between these, it is also important to know the difference. Knowing what these statements represent and why they shouldRead More

Earnings and Profits – Understanding the Difference

Earnings And Profits – Understanding The Difference Many of us will remember an old business saying: What you earn is what you get to keep While earnings and profit are related, they are certainly not exactly the same. Earnings, usually indicates the income that a business earns which is more often than not is calculatedRead More

Online Trading – Making It Work For You

Online Trading – Making It Work For You When it comes to trading in the markets, a critical factor to your success is making the right choices. While the reasons for you to start putting your money in stock markets could be numerous, one has to recognize the inherent risk that the stock markets carry.Read More

Women and Online Investing

Women and Online Investing Women, everywhere, have traditionally been more hesitant to jump onto the online investment bandwagon. As a woman, I understand that we tend to be slightly more cautious with our finances and many of us would rather allow someone else we trust to make our investment decisions for us. Of course, thereRead More

Diversification – Quick guide to asset allocation

Understanding Diversification Don’t put all your eggs in one basket! Most of us have grown up with this proverb that has diversification of risk at its core. Some of the most basic and fundamental principles of investing can often be learnt through simple, real life experiences. Have you ever noticed that shops often sell seeminglyRead More

Online trading and it’s advantages

Online Trading The internet has revolutionized our lives and continues to do so every day. Why should stock trading be any different? Gone are the days when the only way you could trade stocks were through stockbrokers who would take your orders and execute them on your behalf. Quite naturally, online trading has become extremelyRead More