Upstox Pro iOS now available in beta

Dear traders, We are excited to announce the launch of Upstox Pro iOS for beta testing. The wait for iOS users is finally over. No longer do you have to be content with a sub-par experience on your Apple device. As a beta tester, you will have access to our upcoming Upstox Pro for iOSRead More

2015 Market Holidays – NSE BSE MCX

2015 Market Holidays for NSE, BSE and MCX Can you guess whether there are more or less holidays this year than last? So far we only have 15 trading holidays this year compared to 19 from 2014. Here’s the full list so you know when you can take a break from trading: Trading Holidays for NSERead More

September Updates

Whew! Hope everyone enjoyed the short trading month and celebrated the holidays well. We, at RKSV, have been hard at work working on some cool new features that will launch this month. BSE Currency Derivatives Launch Currency traders rejoice! Now you have another exchange to execute your trades through. All Dream, Pro and Ultimate customers alreadyRead More

10 Quotes of Famous Investors Decoded

Stock market investing is often considered a gamble. A general perception is that your success depends purely on luck. This, however, is not true. Some of the rules of the market are fairly simple. Famous investors and market gurus, who have made millions of bucks in stocks, will vouch for this. Here’s a look atRead More

TPIN (Telephone PIN) Authorization

TPIN Overview One of the pain points that we noticed at RKSV is when customers are trying to place orders on the phone. As a broker, it’s our job to make sure that the person calling on the other end of the phone is who they say they are. As a client, you are lookingRead More

April Updates

April 2014 Updates It has been a hectic month at RKSV as we try to push out new updates. First and foremost, we have rebranded our entire design and site. When we started off in 2009, our focus had been on proprietary trading. As we enter the middle of 2014, our focus has shifted squarelyRead More

Cover Orders for Options

Cover Orders – Overview Introduction Recently, we had enabled trading for a special order type called Cover Orders back in January. Today, we are enabling Cover Orders for Options (sell side only) also. Cover orders is a multiple-leg order involving a regular market order and a stop-loss market order. When you place a cover orderRead More

Pre-Market Checklist: Be ready to trade every morning

Pre-Market Checklist: Be ready to trade every morning It’s 9:06 on a Monday morning and you are getting ready to start trading. You ask yourself, what direction will the market move today? Should I buy or write Nifty options this morning? Simple questions like these are crucial to every trader on every morning. Predict incorrectlyRead More

2014 Market Holidays

2014 Market Holidays for NSE, BSE, MCX Here is the list of holidays for the markets for 2014. Keep an active watch for the holidays this year since each market has slightly different timings. Equity and F&O Holidays: Currency Market Holidays: * Muhurat Trading will be conducted on Thursday, October 23, 2014. Timings of MuhuratRead More

Learn about RKSV NEST Trader platform

RKSV NEST Trader platform Over the weekend, we have uploaded new videos on our trading platform. For those of you who are not aware, RKSV has free trading software (called NEST) on your phone, tablet, and desktop (PC). The desktop version is, by far, the most powerful software that we offer. Outside of being ableRead More

Delta Hedging – A market neutral trading strategy

Delta Hedging Strategy – Overview How great would it be to see a profit and loss curve against the underlying is shaped like a U? Where, regardless of market movement, you are always making money? It’s rare enough to find a profitable strategy so why don’t we start by drawing up a P&L sheet thatRead More

Commodity Prices and Volatility – 5 tips for the week

Commodity Prices and Volatility – 5 tips for the week Lately, commodity markets have been very predominant in the news. You may have heard of Gold reaching an all time high in India at Rs. 34,500 per 10 gram at the end of August. Crude oil also hit a major high around the same time.Read More