NRI Trading at RKSV

NRI Trading at RKSV India’s economic prospects continue to be bright and its long-term growth story remains intact. As an Indian residing overseas, if you want to take advantage of the high growth back home, you can do so by investing in stocks. NRI’s trading through RKSV can purchase shares or convertible debenture of an Indian company throughRead More

3 Tricks You Can Use Now to Increase Profitability

Here’s a question for you: do you think you’re a better trader than the average trader?   Chances are, you do.   Of course, this could be true. If you’re doing fantastically well, kudos! You can go ahead and ignore this article. Unfortunately, most traders do not beat the Sensex! If you fall in that category, don’tRead More

Financial Planning – Budgeting and Insurance

Financial Planning – Budgeting and Insurance

Just yesterday a friend of mine bought his dream car, I remember 5 years ago when he told me that he wanted to buy it and finally the day was here. In bright crimson red his car stood outside his society gate waiting to be taken for a spin. Lucky him, I thought. We droveRead More

Trading Moving Averages

Trading Moving Averages So we know what a moving average is pretty well by now, a line drawn by smoothing out price data over a set period of time is a moving average.  Smoothing out helps to reduce the spike fluctuations that occur from one candlestick to another so that the line produced can easilyRead More

What Are Moving Averages?

Have you ever wondered what those squiggly blue lines on the chart are? Moving averages are perhaps the most used indicator out there for traders. I have seen traders who don’t use averages, keeping them on the chart ‘anyway’ – That is how staple this indicator is. This video by RKSV’s education arm ‘TradeAcademy’ explainsRead More

Guide To Stock Market Crashes – Sensex & Nifty

Guide To Stock Market Crashes – Sensex & Nifty

So the market crashed! What do you do now? If you invest in SIPs, mutual funds or stocks then this guide is for you. We are going to bust some myths TradeAcademy style, this guide will talk specifically for the 24th August market crash. On the morning of 24th August I was speaking with Shrinivas,Read More

The retail investor boom: the fear of missing out has struck

Have you ever been late to a party before? Not the kind of party where it’s “OK” to be late, but the sort of party where you wished you had shown up on time because you missed out on something big?   That’s what it’s like, right now, for those who are not investing inRead More

Discount Brokers: Why are they all over the news?

Look up the term “discount broker” in Google, and you’ll find an interesting mix of results. On one hand, you’ll find articles being written about the current wave of “discount brokers” in India who are disrupting the industry through lower operational costs, huge cost savings for the end user, and more importance being placed on technology andRead More

Brief History of TCS, Infosys, and HDFC Bank!

Famous as the Indian MNC, Tata Consultancy Services is one of the major IT giants in India. It has a history spanning widely for 30 plus years. TCS is one of the largest private sector employers in India. This can be seen in the fact that TCS has about 3,00,000 employees. Read on for theRead More

What are Discount Brokers?

What are Discount Brokers Let’s go back in time a few years to the year 2000. You are in a great mood and want to purchase a state of the art, new, expensive television for your bedroom. Great! And so you quickly get ready, perhaps have a family member or friend come along, and goRead More

Is India’s GDP really higher than China’s GDP?

Much has been said and written about India’s latest GDP figure release: a 7.5% year on year growth rate for the last quarter of 2014-2015. This shocked economists and the markets alike, since the markets had priced in and expected a figure closer to 5.5%. When details of the GDP figure were released, it wasRead More

The truth behind the massive bull run!

The Great Bull Run: The (seemingly) never ending marathon! Markets are up! Markets are down! The RBI cuts the Repo rate….markets move up! Analysts expect a correction in the markets…but the markets move up again! Nifty and Sensex hit all time highs…surely, a correction must occur? Markets move up again!  “A correction is expected”. MarketsRead More