NRI Trading at RKSV

NRI Trading at RKSV India’s economic prospects continue to be bright and its long-term growth story remains intact. As an Indian residing overseas, if you want to take advantage of the high growth back home, you can do so by investing in stocks. NRI’s trading through RKSV can purchase shares or convertible debenture of an Indian company throughRead More

Is India’s GDP really higher than China’s GDP?

Much has been said and written about India’s latest GDP figure release: a 7.5% year on year growth rate for the last quarter of 2014-2015. This shocked economists and the markets alike, since the markets had priced in and expected a figure closer to 5.5%. When details of the GDP figure were released, it wasRead More

Obama’s Visit to India: A Moment to Reflect Upon

A Landmark Republic Day Visit Unfolding in front of our very own eyes is an event that will undoubtedly go down in history as one of those rare political moments that marked a turn for the better for both nations involved. When US President Barack Obama lands in Delhi, it will mark the first timeRead More

What Is Modi’s Digital India Programme?

If you are not used to paying your electricity bill and other bills online you better get ready for the E-Kranti, The Digital India project which has been approved by the cabinet at an outlay of Rs 1 Lakh crore rupees. Digital India: Video Version What Is it? The government’s Rs. 1,00,000 crore-plus initiative’s blueprint envisionsRead More

6 major factors pushing the Indian markets to all time highs

The Indian benchmark indices on short intervals are hitting all-time high levels. The sentiment among investors has turned bullish and they are expecting the Indian markets to rally another 5-10 per cent in the run-up to Diwali. A mix of global and domestic factors is pushing the benchmarks to newer highs: 1. US markets at recordRead More

The Secret Life Of Cheap vs. Expensive Stocks

Perhaps the most elusive of all shadowy things in the market is the ever fleeting concept of cheap vs. expensive stocks. Was Amazon priced fairly before the tech bubble? There are some stocks out there that have market capitalisation of 100 times their revenue. Why on earth would that happen? That is less a functionRead More

What Did Harshad Mehta Do? The 5,000 Crore Scam

Who Is Harshad Mehta – The 5,000 crore Rupee Scam I’ve been in touch with the stock market for a while now, and I realise that there are only two people that pop in the minds of people who associate the market with – Rajkesh Jhunjhunwalla and Harshad Mehta. Both are opposite sides of theRead More

Investing in India: Intelligently keeping the long term picture in mind

Investing in India: Intelligently keeping the long term picture in mind Here is a staggering statistic that many might find hard to believe: out of India’s 1.2 billion population, only 1.5% of the population is participating in the stock markets in some way or form. In the US, that figure is closer to 40%. IndiansRead More

Interest Rate Futures

Interest Rate Futures – Overview Basics of Interest Rate Futures and Its Story in India Interest Rate Future (IRF) has been in news recently because of some structural changes happening in the product from the regulators. SEBI has taken a lot of effort to make sure the product picks-off well compared to its earlier version.Read More

Nurturing Innovative Entrepreneurship

Nurturing Innovative Entrepreneurship Recently, I was watching a fascinating talk on TED ( about a Somali who recounted his experiences while living in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu. Somalia, a famine and war-torn country, has been devastated with unemployment and an alarming rate of terrorism. Specifically, the talk was centered around the link between unemployment and terrorism.Read More