3 Tricks You Can Use Now to Increase Profitability

Here’s a question for you: do you think you’re a better trader than the average trader?   Chances are, you do.   Of course, this could be true. If you’re doing fantastically well, kudos! You can go ahead and ignore this article. Unfortunately, most traders do not beat the Sensex! If you fall in that category, don’tRead More

How the Water-Diamond Paradox Helps Explain the Subjective Nature of Investing

The famous philosopher Adam Smith, best known for his classic work The Wealth of Nations, came across a perplexing paradox. Smith noted that the value of water, from a survival standpoint, is infinitely higher than the value of diamonds. Diamonds will not help you survive while stranded on a desert; water will. Therefore, when it came toRead More

How to play the Interest Rate Game: 3 Rules to Keep in Mind Today

It’s an all too familiar story. When any major event occurs with the US Fed- such as an interest rate decision, a GDP announcement, or practically any words uttered by the Fed Chairman, Janet Yellen- India’s economy reacts swiftly. And the the absolute first indicator is reflected through higher volatility in the stock markets. YouRead More

The Secret Life Of Cheap vs. Expensive Stocks

Perhaps the most elusive of all shadowy things in the market is the ever fleeting concept of cheap vs. expensive stocks. Was Amazon priced fairly before the tech bubble? There are some stocks out there that have market capitalisation of 100 times their revenue. Why on earth would that happen? That is less a functionRead More

Cover Order Buying on Options: Launch!

Finally! With the Union Budget passed last week, we can expect a good amount of volatility ahead as the markets get prepared for implementation of changes laid out by the Finance Minister. And, to facilitate your trading decisions, we have decided to offer the facility of Cover Order Buying on Options!  In case you want to knowRead More

Bracket Orders (or OCO – One Cancels Other)

Overview We just launched Bracket Orders earlier this week. Let’s go over what they are and how they can help you. A bracket order can be used to limit your loss and lock in a profit by “bracketing” an order with two opposite-side orders. Through this order type, you can place three orders at one go:Read More

Introduction to Chart Patterns – III

Introduction to Chart Patterns – III We have covered basic chart patterns in my earlier blog. Kindly visit Chart Patterns – An Introduction and Introduction to Chart Patterns II to have a peep into Head and Shoulders, Double Top and Double Bottom, Triple Tops and Bottoms, Symmetrical Triangle, Ascending Triangle, Descending Triangle and Cup withRead More

Cover Orders for Options

Cover Orders – Overview Introduction Recently, we had enabled trading for a special order type called Cover Orders back in January. Today, we are enabling Cover Orders for Options (sell side only) also. Cover orders is a multiple-leg order involving a regular market order and a stop-loss market order. When you place a cover orderRead More

Pre-Market Checklist: Be ready to trade every morning

Pre-Market Checklist: Be ready to trade every morning It’s 9:06 on a Monday morning and you are getting ready to start trading. You ask yourself, what direction will the market move today? Should I buy or write Nifty options this morning? Simple questions like these are crucial to every trader on every morning. Predict incorrectlyRead More

Interest Rate Futures

Interest Rate Futures – Overview Basics of Interest Rate Futures and Its Story in India Interest Rate Future (IRF) has been in news recently because of some structural changes happening in the product from the regulators. SEBI has taken a lot of effort to make sure the product picks-off well compared to its earlier version.Read More

Monitoring and Re-balancing

Monitoring and Re-balancing New Year wishes to all my dearest Readers. I am back with some more Portfolio fundas. After looking up my previous blog on what IPS is all about and having done some basic asset allocation across different asset classes, we come to a very important juncture of the process knows as MonitoringRead More

Chart Patterns – An Introduction

Chart Patterns – Overview In my previous blogs we learned how to read candlesticks (part 1 and part 2). In this blog we will check out some chart patterns. What is a chart? Chart is a collection of candlesticks helping us to know how the stock will perform. Chart patterns helps traders to know theRead More