How to Invest Wisely As the Financial Year Comes to An End

The end of the financial year is just around the corner. You might have received a nice bonus at work, or perhaps you have some extra cash sitting idle. Here’s some good news for you – the equity markets are the absolute, perfect avenue for you to invest that extra cash. Here are some importantRead More

Securities Transaction Tax

Securities Transaction Tax – Overview As the name suggests itself, STT (Securities Transaction Tax) is one of the multiple taxes to be paid to the Central Government of India. STT is the tax payable on the transaction value of taxable securities. In other words STT is the tax applicable to the sale / purchase of Equities, Derivatives,Read More

Disallowances of Expenses on Exempt Income

Disallowances of Expenses on Exempt Income (Intricacies of Section 14 A of the Income Tax Act) In this blog, we shall learn about Disallowances of Expenses on Exempt Income. In most of the cases, a taxpayer has some exempt income or other and it is a common practice that the assessing officers will attribute normal business expenditure toRead More

Taxation – All about F&O Taxation in India

Taxation on F&O   Most of the Indian Taxpayers irrespective of their earnings through business, jobs, services, indulge in Share trading because it is the quickest way of earning handsome money. It is therefore, necessary to know the taxation on the earning from share trading. But, before going into the taxation part, first it isRead More