NRI Trading at RKSV

NRI Trading at RKSV India’s economic prospects continue to be bright and its long-term growth story remains intact. As an Indian residing overseas, if you want to take advantage of the high growth back home, you can do so by investing in stocks. NRI’s trading through RKSV can purchase shares or convertible debenture of an Indian company throughRead More

4000 Reasons to Switch to India’s Leading Broker

We bet you liked the title! In the past we ran a Rs. 2000 Switchover plan. The idea was simple: if you switched over from another broker (by providing a contract note), your account was automatically credited with Rs. 2000 to start with. The response was tremendous!  And so, to continue our long lasting tradition of beingRead More

Looking to sharpen your trading and investing skills? Start gambling.

No, your eyes did not play a trick on you- the article title is accurate. However, perhaps “gambling” isn’t the most accurate term to use. Instead, to be more precise, look to participate in any “game” that involves game theory, such as poker, which are games that require you to beat your opponents using skillRead More

5 Things you Should Know about China’s currency, the Yuan

August was an unprecedented month in many ways. A sharp rise in volatility, the single largest drop in the Sensex in 7 years, and complete uncertainty over the direction of the Rupee are just a handful of events that occurred last month. However, lurking behind these events is the catalyst that propelled the chain ofRead More

Ditch & Switch: Dump your broker, you deserve better.

RKSV’s promotion this month will leave you at a loss for words. Consider it a 3-in-1 promotion that is so tempting, you will seriously begin to wonder whether we are insane. We’re not. Here’s how it works. If you sign up by September 30th: You get 30 days of free trading on the Dream Plan.Read More

What has RKSV been up to, you ask? Here are 8 to start off with.

You might have noticed that we haven’t posted a lot of updates recently. As much as we’d like to write “we’ve been busy”, the truth isn’t quite that simple. The reality is that… We’ve been really, really, really busy!!! Here are 8 things that RKSV has launched/in the process of launching to get you excited about theRead More

Mayday!!! Ready for free trading in May?

Free Trading in May Have you read the latest news? It seems that there are some who aren’t pleased with the idea that you, the end user, should reap the rewards of low costs and have the savings passed on to you. You see, most brokers do the opposite: they charge huge brokerage fees andRead More

It’s time for a reality check…

Reality Check Face it: you could be doing better with your finances than you are right now. The tips and advisory services your full service broker is providing  you is not helping you. You wonder why you’re not earning from the markets when the Sensex is rallying.   Here’s a test: did your investments earnRead More

Can you do us a favor and answer 2 quick questions?

We Want to Perfect MarketTalk We have two simple questions that we hope you can answer. 1) What do you like about MarketTalk? 2) What do you dislike about MarketTalk? Based on your feedback, we’re looking to make MarketTalk better than ever before.   P.S. Ask one of your friends to subscribe to MarketTalk. It would meanRead More

Trade Academy is Launched! (Beta)

The wait is finally over. After having received hundreds of emails and phone calls from excited users around the world, we are proud to launch Trade Academy (Beta), our educational portal to increase investor awareness. Trade Academy incorporates valuable feedback from experts around the world and keeps the learner in mind at every stage. This is only the start.Read More