The founders of RKSV have over twenty five years of active experience trading on the American and European markets. In 2008, we decided to develop and trade proprietary strategies on the Indian markets.


Raghu Kumar
Head of Operations

Raghu has been featured on Forbes’ annual “30 under 30” list.  He handles RKSV’s PR and media communication, manages RKSV’s algorithms at its proprietary trading desk, and works closely with the business team.  A numbers freak, he’s always looking to find ways to apply statistical analysis into his work. He’s an avid fan of classical Carnatic Indian music, teaching his two dogs new tricks, and working out at the gym. His goal is to one day venture into sabermetrics and to also actively get involved with promoting sports in India.


Ravi Kumar
Head of Business Strategy

Ravi is the strategic head of RKSV. He is primarily responsible for overseeing key business decisions and driving corporate strategy. Prior to co-founding RKSV, he worked with several prominent technology firms in the US and managed his own proprietary trading company. In his spare time, he can usually be found producing music, being a gym-a-holic, meeting new people or reading up on technology. Ravi has been living in Mumbai since 2009.


Shrinivas Viswanath
Head of Technology

Shrinivas heads technology and product management at RKSV. He splits his time between working on proprietary trading programs, and maintaining the technology stack at RKSV. Challenging problems involving speed, efficiency and scalability are what keeps his head racking most of the time. In his free time, he enjoys outdoor running, working out, and learning the art of photography.

The Executive Team

Over time, as we accumulated an increased breadth of experience, the RKSV team expanded to include risk specialists, trading analysts, and a seasoned IT force.


Amit Lalan
Director, Head of Risk

As a pivotal leader of RKSV, Amit is largely responsible for ensuring smooth day to day operations on the floor. Amit puts a face to the term “BAU: Business As Usual”: his responsibilities, which include handling compliance, risk, customer, and backoffice queries, ensure smooth business operations on a daily basis. He has cleared all 3 levels of the CFA and holds an MBA in Finance. Needless to say, Amit can easily be labeled the “nerve center” of RKSV. Amit enjoys reading and studying in his spare time.


Elvis D’Souza
Head of Accounts and HR

Elvis has been with RKSV nearly since inception. Elvis is responsible for handling all HR duties, accounts and financially liaising with various vendors. His prior experience in managing a large scale business center operation allows him to also easily tackle HR and people management. Elvis is responsible for managing the backoffice operation at RKSV, which includes handling clients’ funds and ensuring that backoffice customer queries are resolved in a timely manner. Elvis enjoys movies, partying, and listening to music.


Kapil Kothari
Director, Head of Customer Relations

Kapil has extensive experience in the capital market segment. As an accomplished trader himself, he understands what a customer requires in order to be able to trade successfully. Kapil has been instrumental in growing RKSV’s customer base at the rapid rate that it has. Valuing customer service above all else, Kapil ensures that no customer query is left unsolved. His colorful style and customer centric viewpoint ensures that RKSV’s operations remain world class. Kapil is an avid fan of movies, dancing, and living life largely.


Puneet Maheshwari
Director, Head of Business Development

Puneet’s extensive marketing and business development experience with financial software technology firms puts him in a unique position to lead RKSV’s business development efforts. In his previous role, he extensively worked with big brokerage houses to develop custom algorithms, which gave him in depth insights on the technical architecture of derivatives trading. Holding an MBA in Finance, Puneet is in charge of growing RKSV’s customer base and ensuring that its product and service offerings are always ahead of the pack. He is at the forefront in identifying unique business opportunities that allows RKSV to grow its business vertically and horizontally. Puneet is an avid fan of cricket, billiards and in always having a good time.