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Adding A Market-Watch On Nest

in NEST Trader

Wouldn’t it be great if you had your favorite scrips right in front of you every time you log in? Well, this is the function of the ‘Market Watch’.
Below is a screenshot of what a Market Watch looks like, in this screen you can see that we are tracking three future contracts – namely the BankNifty, AdaniEnt and Asian paints June future contracts.

MArketwatch 1 nest trader
Let’s see how simply we can set this up.

1) After logging into Nest Trader Click on the market menu and select market watch group settings to invoke group setting window.
This is what it will look like

Market Watch 2


2) Select exchange type, instrument name, symbol and then click on add. The scrip will be added to the group. We have shown how to add Banknifty June in the screen shot below

Market Watch 3