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Buying and Selling SMEs


At RKSV, we believe in ensuring you get value. You get access to the entire stock market through our service. This includes the SME exchanges.
To trade on the SME segment, all you need is your regular trading and demat accounts. Nothing else. You can trade using the same trading platform. Here’s how:

Monitor stocks

  1. Go to the ‘Scrip’ segment of our trading platform. Above the listing screen, you will see a horizontal list of options. First select ‘NSE’, then click on ‘SM’ in the adjacent block. This will pull up the list of SME stocks.
  2. Once you have pulled up the SME stocks, you can then select the name of the scrip in the next section.
  3. If you want to look at all the stocks on the SME segment, then you will have to go to the Market Watch section.
  4. You can watch the price quote of any scrip just like a normal stock once it is added to the Market Watch section in NEST.
  5. To monitor stocks on the BSE’s SME platform, select ‘M’ from the drop-down menu after selecting the correct exchange.

Trading SME stocks

As we read earlier, trading on the SME exchanges is almost the same. The only difference is the higher minimum lot size. On the regular market, you can buy even one share. This is not so for the SME segment. You have to trade in lots of 1,000 or higher. This ensures that the minimum traded amount does not fall below Rs 1 lakh.
To trade using the RKSV platform, go to the usual buy and sell section for placing orders. Once you have selected the exchange and order type, you will have to select ‘SM’ in the ‘Inst Name’ section. This stands for the SME segment. Once you do this, the adjacent box called ‘Symbol’ will be updated to show you the list of SME stocks. You will have to look up the minimum lot size for the stock and according enter the number of stocks to be bought or sold in the ‘Quantity’ section. For example, for MITCOIN scrip, the lot size is 2000. So, you can trade only in multiples of 2,000.