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Where can NEST be installed, and is mobile trading allowed?

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Where can NEST be installed, and is mobile trading allowed?

If you haven’t yet done so, please read about the basics of NEST Trader before continuing on with this article.

So now that you’re ready to install NEST, you might have some specific questions. A common question we get from customers is where NEST can be installed- basically, it only for Desktops or can it be run on the web, on mobile, tablets, etc.

In a nutshell, NEST can be installed and uesd to trade via three installation methods:

  1. Desktop
  2. Web
  3. Mobile

Let’s go through the details of the three versions.

Desktop Version

This is by far the most common way our customers trade. To trade on NEST Trader via your Desktop PC, you need to download the NEST Desktop Installation Files. Using the Desktop version, you can run multiple instances of Nest Trader in a s single drive. The Desktop Version is by far the most powerful version of the three versions.

Web Version

You can also trade on NEST Trader via the Web; however, it is not as powerful as the Desktop version. To trade through the web, simply go to and login with your credentials.

Mobile Version

Finally, you can trade on NEST Trader through your mobile phone. Right now, it is supported for all Android and Blackberry smartphones.

To trade on your mobile, simply visit the NEST Trader page for Mobile.

For Android users, there are two types of files depending on whether your Android is higher than version 5.0 or not. Here are the two links.

If you have any queries on the mobile trading, you can call us or mail us on and we will have our team call you and help you with the working of the mobile platform.