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How do you charge so little on your pricing plans? What’s the catch?

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How do you charge so little on your pricing plans? What is the catch?

What sets RKSV apart? Its low-brokerage plans. And this is what makes our clients very curious. Once they hear about our low-cost pricing models and our large client base, the most common question asked frequently is: What is the catch? How can RKSV charge so little on its pricing plans?

Well, the truth is that there is no catch. It takes a while to convince the client that there truly, is, no catch!

Because of our low-cost model, we are able to charge lower than other brokers. There are many reasons for this.

  • Low-cost model: The costs we incur are very low compared to the business models of well-established, large brokerage firms. This is because of our centralized, low cost operational structure. In contrast, large brokers have huge overhead costs.
  • Focus on low fees: We have the option to stick to the same revenue model as other brokers and charge high brokerage fees. This way we would have been more profitable compared to other brokers because of our low costs. Instead, we charge as low a fee as possible while ensuring that we are profitable.
  • No future rise in fees: Our goal is to keep expanding our client base while keeping the business model unchanged. Therefore, we do not foresee any rise in costs on our trades. Instead, we strongly feel that by being profitable, we can invest our profits back into the business and release better features for our customers.
  • Technological support: It is natural to assume automatically that there must be a catch. But the reality is that we have many aspects going in our favor. This helps us stay ahead of our competition at all times. One factor is that we began our operations right at the time when the Indian market needed a ‘discount’ or ‘low-cost’ broking model in 2012. All the technology required for such a model was available. We could thus afford to have one operational branch to service tens of thousands of clients.
  • Aim to differentiate: The co-founders have the know-how and background to allow RKSV to continuously differentiate itself from other brokerages. While RKSV is differentiating itself on pricing, technological tools, design, and customer service, we look to continuously keep innovating by differentiating ourselves through better software, strong education initiatives. We aim to continuously ‘keeping the foot on the pedal’ by pushing the limits as to what is possible. Our goal is to not only ensure RKSV grows, but to also increase awareness amongst Indian investors so that more and more citizens begin actively participating in the markets.

In a nutshell: There is no catch! RKSV is profitable, charges a fraction of other brokers, and never compromises on the core values it believes in and always will believe in. That is, we will always ensure top-notch customer service, continuously rolling out new technological tools, and vigorously innovating – not only our existing products and services but also by creating new ones. Customer service will always be our top priority.