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What are RKSV’s basic fees and charges?

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What are RKSV’s basic fees and charges?

While being a low-cost, online only discount broker, RKSV still strives to keep its charges and fees to an absolute minimum to ensure that our customers are able to maximize the profitability on their trades.

Here, we will break down all the transaction, statutory, stamp duty,  account opening, AMC, software, and Call and Trade charges.

First and foremost, we could highly recommend that you use our brokerage calculator to see a transparent breakdown of all charges using examples on the calculator for actual trades you would do. Use our popular brokerage calculator to figure out exactly what your break-even point on your trades and overall profit/loss on any given set of trades will be!

Transaction Charges for 1 crore turnover (50 lakh buy, 50 lakh sell)

FeeEquity (Intraday)Equity (Delivery)FuturesOptionsCurrency FuturesCurrency OptionsMCX Commodity
Total ChargesRs 1,843.76Rs 11,393.76Rs 961.30Rs 7,390.00Rs 392.10Rs 7,100.00Rs 918.50
STT / CTT1250.0010000.00500.00850.0000500.00
Transaction Charges325.00
(For NSE)
(For NSE)
Clearing Charges0020.00500.0040.002000.0050.00
Service Tax @14%45.5045.5029.40770.0021.00840.0036.40
Swachh Bharat Cess @ 0.5%1.631.630.9525.000.5520.001.05
Krishi Kalyan cess @ 0.5%1.631.630.9525.000.5520.001.05
Stamp duty200.001000.00200.00200.00200.00200.00100.00
SEBI Fees20.0020.0020.0020.0020.0020.0020.00
  1. STT – Security Transaction Tax
  2. CTT – Commodity Transaction Tax
  3. Stamp Duty is calculated as per Maharashtra Stamp Duty i.e. Rs. 200/- per crore
  4. Transaction charges under BSE is Rs.275/crore for Equity segment and Rs.100/lakh for  XC/XD/XT/Z group

Stamp Duty Charges

This depends on the state you reside in.  The above charges assume you reside in Maharashtra. For a proper breakdown of charges, use the brokerage calculator to get exact value.

Account Opening and Annual Maintenance (AMC) Charges

RKSV’s one time account opening charges are Rs. 350. However, if you print and fill the form out yourself (visit to download and print the form) or open your account within minutes use our Online Account Opening tool and fill out the application online, you save Rs. 100. Therefore your account opening charge is just  Rs. 250. That’s it! Please keep in mind that account opening fees are non-refundable.

RKSV does not charge any demat account opening fees. There is an AMC of Rs. 300 which you need to pay incase you wish to open demat account with RKSV. You need to submit a cheque of Rs.300/- in favor of ‘RKSV Securities India Pvt. Ltd.’

Software Charges

There are no software charges with RKSV. Zero!

Call and Trade Charges

We understand that you will not be in front of a trading terminal at all times. That’s why we have a Call and Trade facility for you to be able to easily place Call and Trade orders.

We charge Rs. 20 for each order placed through Call, exclusive of taxes.