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How To Login Into NEST

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Hello! In this tutorial we will go step by step how to login into NEST. You can also view a video of the same step by step process at the end of this article


Launching NEST

After you have downloaded NEST, click on the icon on your desktop to launch the program.

Click on NEst

After double clicking on the NEST Launcher icon you will see the following dialogue appear, select Tata.ini and hit ‘Launch Nest Trader’

tataini and launch

Login Steps

Now you will be brought to the login screen where you need to enter your username and password.

  • Enter your username and hit ‘go’
  • Now, Enter your password
  • Make sure only ‘confirm scrips download’ is checked and everything else is UNCHECKED as shown in the image below.
  • Hit ‘Login’
  • You will have to select a security image, this is a security feature that prevents unauthorized access; You will have to verify this image everytime you login
  • You will also be asked security questions. You may answer these and will have to remember each answer everytime you login (you shall be asked 2 questions only).
    Pro Tip: If you do not wish to use this security feature you may enter every answer as ‘a’ or any chosen alphabet/number/sign. This way you will not have to remember each answer and the login process will be much faster. Please do this at your own discretion, we have allowed this as a security feature and is your choice entirely to use the above described ‘tip’.

login username password NEST trader rksv


Password Reset

Since you are logging in for the first time, you will be asked to reset your password and your transaction password. Do this by entering your old password and then your new password.

Your password will expire every 15 days and will have to be reset.

new password


You will now be logged into NEST

Market Watch

To open market watch simply click on ‘Market’ and then click on ‘ Market Watch Profile’ (or press f4) and the market watch window shall open.

market watch

Market Watch Screen

market watch nest


Video Tutorial

Watch the video tutorial on Youtube by clicking here