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Do I need to deposit any minimum amount to start trading with RKSV?

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Do I need to deposit any minimum amount to start trading with RKSV?

The short and simple answer to this question is- NO!

Most brokers require you to have some sort of minimum amount to be held in your account at all times in order to keep your account active. Sometimes, they will claim that it is a regulatory rule.

Fortunately for you, RKSV does not impose any minimum deposit requirements. Of course, you will not be able to trade if you have zero funds in your trading account- but that being said, it’s a relief to a lot of our clients that they do not need to maintain a certain amount in their accounts.

Will an account become inactive if there are no funds in the account?

After a certain point in time, we do call up inactive clients to see whether they still want to keep an account opened with RKSV. And so, the short answer to this would be yes. But we do this mostly as a convenience to both the client and RKSV. If the client has not traded in 6 months and has no intention of trading and has no funds in his account, it makes sense for him to close down the account. However, we do not enforce this- we merely call the client.

Do I get additional margin benefits if I deposit a higher amount?

While many brokers in India “reward” their HNI or account holders with high deposit sizes by offering higher leverage, RKSV is against this practice as it encourages the idea that one can obtain more margin by placing more funds. RKSV is not in the margin lending business and we offer the same margins to all account holders under the same plan.

It is entirely up to the client on how much “initial margin” he wants to keep in his account to get started trading with RKSV.