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Market Watch – FAQ

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Setting Up The Market Watch Window

We have covered how to setup and add scrips in market watch in detail in a previous tutorial which you can find here.

How Do I remove Scrips From Market watch?

NEST is very intuitive, select the scrip you want to delete and hit the ‘delete’ key on your keyboard.

How Do I Add/Remove/Rearrange Market Watch Columns?

Right click on on the header and select ‘Reposition Columns’ as shown in the screenshot below

fit to data market watch

Now, you can choose more columns, add remove and even re arrange.

columsn reposition

Can I see Live Ask/Bid for a particular scrip?

Yes. Simply double click on the instrument of choice and the following dialogue will appear.


Can I Add A Blank Line To Market Watch

Yes, simply press the insert key  or right click on market watch -> Actions -> Insert blank line option.


How To Search For A Scrip On Market Watch

You can search scrip in market watch by typing the initial of the scrip and then pressing CTRL button. You can use CTRL for next scrip search and SHIFT+CTRL for previous scrip.