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View, modify, and cancel orders on NEST Trader

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One of the first things you should know about using NEST is to check your current/previous order status. Many times an order can get rejected due to insufficient funds, wrong price range etc..
Checking the order book gives you access to placed orders which maybe open or completed. For people who use stop losses, this is where you can check if you are still in trade or the stop loss has triggered.

How To Check Placed Orders In NEST Trader

Open up the order book by hitting ‘F3’ on your keyboard. This is what the order book looks like.
The order book is divided in two, open orders and completed orders as you will see in the screenshot below. Completed orders will also show rejected orders.

Modifying and Canceling Your Order on RKSV NEST Trader

After opening the  order book you simply need to select the open order and hit the ‘Modify’ or ‘Cancel’ button to execute your command.

order book 1