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How To Place an Order (NEST Trader)

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In the previous article we talked about logging into your NEST account and setting up the market watch. Now we will go through the steps of how to place an order on the NEST Trader trading platform.

Quick Glance

If you just want a quick glance, here is a summary of this article in the fewest words possible
1) Add your symbol to the Market Watch, you can add Forex, Commodities, Equity and F&O
2) Select the symbol and press F1 to buy or F2 to sell, the dialogue will open
3) Enter the quantity, order type, price and submit
4) Enter Transaction password and your order will now be placed
5) Use the order book window to check order status

Add a Symbol to the Market Watch

The symbol in the screenshot below is of BankNifty. We will show how to place an order on the NEST Trader platform for this symbol

select symbol market watch banknifty place order nest

Placing a Buy order on NEST Trader

Select the symbol and right click and select ‘Buy order Entry’
Alternatively you could also hit F1 (F2 for sell) on your keyboard for the buy dialogue window

banknifty buy right click on marketwatch to buy on nest

The screenshot shows the buy dialogue window, make sure you double check that the symbol and the instrument type is correct.
Enter the order type, quantity, price and product type and hit the ‘Submit’ button (or press enter).

buy dialogue windown

You will be asked to enter your transaction password, enter it and your order will be placed on the exchange.
You can view your order book by hitting F3 on your keyboard or going to ‘Orders and Trades’ and then selecting ‘Order Book’.