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RKSV’s Pricing Plan Explained in Detail

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All you need to know about the RKSV’s Pricing Plan

Here are some of the basic things you need to know about RKSV’s Pricing Plan.

What is the Pricing Plan

In early 2013, when we launched RKSV’s pricing plan, we realized that we were launching something unique. Although the pay-per-trade system is the default way brokers charge their clients in the West, the idea was relatively novel in India. In some ways, we wanted to introduce something that customers could only dream of obtaining! After we launched it, the most common question we have received is: How are you able to remain profitable despite launching such a revolutionary plan?

How the Plan Works

The Pricing Plan is very simple to understand. First of all, it can be opted for any of the segments available for trade – equity cash, futures and options, currency and commodity derivatives.

For whichever segment you opt to be on the Pricing Plan, we charge you a flat fee of Rs 20 per executed order. All your equity delivery trades are free. That’s it!

So whether you are trading 100 shares of equity intraday, 25 lots of Nifty Futures, 100 lots of Reliance Call Options, or 25 lots of MCX Gold Futures, you will only pay a maximum of Rs 20 per executed order. As we stated, that is why many have a hard time figuring out how we remain profitable when we charge so little!