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What does RKSV stand for, and what is its basic history?

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What does RKSV stand for?

RKSV stands for the letters of the owners of the company- namely, Ravi Kumar, Raghu Kumar, and Shrinivas Viswanath.
It all began in 2008, when they decided to make the move to India.

Before that, between 2006 and 2008, Ravi Kumar and Raghu Kumar ran a proprietary trading firm in the USA, during which time they accumulated a lot of trading experience.

Once back in India, the owners – who have backgrounds in technology, finance and trading, decided to take advantage of their know-how. Thus started a retail brokerage firm, which allows customers across India to trade online at significantly lower costs than other brokerage houses.

They named it RKSV – representing the owners’ initials. The firm envisages itself as a technology-centric firm with a strong track record in trading. It allows customers to trade across segments on Equities, Futures, Options, Currencies and Commodities.

What is RKSV’s basic history?

In 2009, RKSV obtained its exchange memberships with the three key stock exchanges – the NSE, BSE and MCX. Then, RKSV began its operation as a proprietary trading firm, running ‘High Frequency Trading’ algorithmic strategies across all exchanges. During this time, the founders got a good sense of the retail brokerage industry in India. They began cultivating ideas on how to begin a customer-facing, retail brokerage house.

In January of 2012, RKSV a revolutionary lost cost brokerage plan for equity and F&O trading. This attracted day-traders and active traders, who were accustomed to paying high trading fees with other brokerage houses. Soon afterwards, RKSV launched a similar plan for trading on currencies as well as commodities segments.

The story does not end there.

In 2013, RKSV launched an investor friendly plan. Customers can opt to pay just Rs. 20 per order executed. The result has been a tremendous increase in the number of investors who look for an easy and cost-effective way to begin their equity investing and trading journey. RKSV, consequently, has a strong presence in smaller tier 2 and tier 3 cities across India.

RKSV focuses on promoting self-informed decisions to its customers. Instead of offering tips and advisory services that can present a conflict of interest, RKSV instead focusses on providing cutting-edge tools, great customer service, and constant technology innovation—all this while keeping pricing low to help the customer. That’s not all; RKSV is also heavily focused on promoting education for traders and investors through its Trade Academy.

The RKSV story now involves tens of thousands of customers across India. It aspires to keep growing at a rapid rate