Did you pay attention to US Federal Reserve?

The US Federal Reserve carefully chose its words when it announced its monetary policy plans for the near future. There were worries that the US would raise interest rates, which would have a direct impact on only India, but practically all major economies around the world. In uncertain times with spiraling oil prices and Russia’s economy inRead More

2015 Market Holidays – NSE BSE MCX

2015 Market Holidays for NSE, BSE and MCX Can you guess whether there are more or less holidays this year than last? So far we only have 15 trading holidays this year compared to 19 from 2014. Here’s the full list so you know when you can take a break from trading: Trading Holidays for NSERead More

Deflation is now in the picture. Can the RBI handle the pressure?

Yesterday, we wrote about how the RBI is under heavy pressure to cut rates by none other than Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. We also wrote that at noon, the WPI Inflation figures would be released, with an expected figure of 1.5%. We wrote about how, with low inflation and a falling Sensex, there is tremendousRead More

If you intend to profit this week, you need to read this post!

Inflation is in the news. And anytime inflation is in the news, interest rates are in the news. And when interest rates are brought into the picture, the markets take notice. That is why you absolutely must be aware of what is going on with the Reserve Bank of India, inflation, interest rates, and howRead More

How George Soros Broke the Bank of England

It seems like a good plot for a Hollywood movie. At some point in time, you get a strong sense that a movie will get made. At 84 years old, Soros is now active in philanthropy, as well as a social and political activist. But he was, and is, first and foremost a legendary investor andRead More

Market Outlook for 2015

2014 was quite the year for the Indian financial markets. The Sensex has, so far, climbed 30% year to date and there seems to be no signs of stopping the surge. That being said, with the year coming to an end- let’s see what we can expect in 2015 from a market outlook point ofRead More

Trading versus Investing: Is there really a difference?

Is there a clear distinction between an investor and a trader? If you look it up on Google, the distinction seems to generally be quite vague. Investors, we are told, look to “buy and hold”, while traders are considered to buy/sell or sell/buy within the same day (usually). But even then, we are told thatRead More

The 700 point Sensex fall since Monday. Cause for concern?

Noise. It’s what disturbs us when we want a good night’s sleep. It’s what causes certain employees to buy noise-free headsets so that they can work in silence. It’s also a term used to describe things that don’t matter, in a figurative way. “Noise” is also a mental aspect that can ruin productivity by implantingRead More

Trading and teamwork. Can the two get along?

If I were to ask you to name 25 words that come to mind when I mention “trading”, chances are that “teamwork” will not make the list. But when you think about it, isn’t that odd? It doesn’t really make sense for why trading is looked upon as an individual activity. The common notion isRead More

The Power of a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

It’s December, 2008. You have a good job that pays you a good salary , with a CTC of Rs. 50,000 per month. The Nifty has crossed 3000, and the global meltdown that caused the markets to crash seems to be making a revival. What do you do? Compound Interest: the Magical Savior You haveRead More

Trading and games: how to game the stock markets

If you have seen “A Beautiful Mind”, where Russell Crowe plays the brilliant Dr. John Nash, you know about Game Theory. Game Theory was a concept  that was further developed by Nash, through which he created the now famous “Nash Equilibrium”. The Nash Equilibrium, in turn, is a state in which, to put it simply,Read More

Maintaining Trading Discipline

Trading is an art. Like any other business, it takes long, hard, disciplined effort to become a successful trader. The journey may be long, but the rewards can be great if you persist through. Here are 5 points to keep in mind to remain on track: 1. Maintain a trading diary. Use it to record allRead More