6 major factors pushing the Indian markets to all time highs

The Indian benchmark indices on short intervals are hitting all-time high levels. The sentiment among investors has turned bullish and they are expecting the Indian markets to rally another 5-10 per cent in the run-up to Diwali. A mix of global and domestic factors is pushing the benchmarks to newer highs: 1. US markets at recordRead More

The Secret Life Of Cheap vs. Expensive Stocks

Perhaps the most elusive of all shadowy things in the market is the ever fleeting concept of cheap vs. expensive stocks. Was Amazon priced fairly before the tech bubble? There are some stocks out there that have market capitalisation of 100 times their revenue. Why on earth would that happen? That is less a functionRead More

Everything you want to know about REITs

What If there was a way to invest in property just like shares? Well, A new investment opportunity is now available for investors, dubbed the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). This, technically now opens the champagne bottle for everyone who wanted to invest in real estate, but couldn’t because of high entry barriers. The FinanceRead More

September Updates

Whew! Hope everyone enjoyed the short trading month and celebrated the holidays well. We, at RKSV, have been hard at work working on some cool new features that will launch this month. BSE Currency Derivatives Launch Currency traders rejoice! Now you have another exchange to execute your trades through. All Dream, Pro and Ultimate customers alreadyRead More

10 Quotes of Famous Investors Decoded

Stock market investing is often considered a gamble. A general perception is that your success depends purely on luck. This, however, is not true. Some of the rules of the market are fairly simple. Famous investors and market gurus, who have made millions of bucks in stocks, will vouch for this. Here’s a look atRead More

Cover Order Buying on Options: Launch!

Finally! With the Union Budget passed last week, we can expect a good amount of volatility ahead as the markets get prepared for implementation of changes laid out by the Finance Minister. And, to facilitate your trading decisions, we have decided to offer the facility of Cover Order Buying on Options!  In case you want to knowRead More

July Updates

  Wow! It’s been two months since our last update blog, and it seems like we’re living in a whole new world now that the elections are over! But RKSV never sleeps, and we are here to launch an incredible promotional offer to all new customers… RKSV Exclusive Offer for New Customers: 30 Days of Free TradingRead More

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s)

Exchange Traded Funds Overview ETF’s are known as exchange traded funds. ETFs are a collection of underlying securities bundled into one product that can be bought and sold in the exchange. They are managed by mutual fund schemes or index funds and generally offer investors a way to buy into a group of securities instead of justRead More

Lessons From Livermore – 4 Things Learnt From A Great Trader

The Boy Plunger This article talks about 4 things we can learn from one of the most talked about traders in the world – Jesse Livermore. One of the first books which fascinated and terrified me at the same time was “Reminisces of a Stock Operator” a book on Jesse Livermore. You can buy the bookRead More

TPIN (Telephone PIN) Authorization

TPIN Overview One of the pain points that we noticed at RKSV is when customers are trying to place orders on the phone. As a broker, it’s our job to make sure that the person calling on the other end of the phone is who they say they are. As a client, you are lookingRead More

New Options Trader? – 8 Things You Need To Know About Options!

The allure, the mystic odds, mammoth single day swings and darn cheap investment prices attract the most intelligent and not so intelligent to trade options from all corners of our country. On first sight, we see investment amounts as low as a few thousand rupees to control (theoretically) large sums of money, they move 20%Read More

What Did Harshad Mehta Do? The 5,000 Crore Scam

Who Is Harshad Mehta – The 5,000 crore Rupee Scam I’ve been in touch with the stock market for a while now, and I realise that there are only two people that pop in the minds of people who associate the market with – Rajkesh Jhunjhunwalla and Harshad Mehta. Both are opposite sides of theRead More