Margin against shares/Pledging/Collateral

What is Margin against shares (MAS)? Clients can leverage shares in their demat accounts to obtain margin funding required to make trades. This margin can be used for taking intra-day and overnight positions. This facility is available for customers who hold shares in their demat account for long term investments. The facility is called Margin Against Shares, (MAS) for short. MAS (Margin against Shares)Read More

How To Use Upstox

How To Use Upstox

Learn how to download, install and place orders on the Upstox Pro app!

How to Invest Wisely As the Financial Year Comes to An End

The end of the financial year is just around the corner. You might have received a nice bonus at work, or perhaps you have some extra cash sitting idle. Here’s some good news for you – the equity markets are the absolute, perfect avenue for you to invest that extra cash. Here are some importantRead More

NRI Trading at RKSV

NRI Trading at RKSV India’s economic prospects continue to be bright and its long-term growth story remains intact. As an Indian residing overseas, if you want to take advantage of the high growth back home, you can do so by investing in stocks. NRI’s trading through RKSV can purchase shares or convertible debenture of an Indian company throughRead More

3 Tricks You Can Use Now to Increase Profitability

Here’s a question for you: do you think you’re a better trader than the average trader?   Chances are, you do.   Of course, this could be true. If you’re doing fantastically well, kudos! You can go ahead and ignore this article. Unfortunately, most traders do not beat the Sensex! If you fall in that category, don’tRead More

How the Water-Diamond Paradox Helps Explain the Subjective Nature of Investing

The famous philosopher Adam Smith, best known for his classic work The Wealth of Nations, came across a perplexing paradox. Smith noted that the value of water, from a survival standpoint, is infinitely higher than the value of diamonds. Diamonds will not help you survive while stranded on a desert; water will. Therefore, when it came toRead More

How a 12 Year Old Warren Buffett Teaches Us The Importance of Patience

Warren Buffett is widely recognized as one of the best, if not the best, stock market investors of all time. He founded his holding company, Berkshire Hathaway, 50 years ago. Berkshire Hathaway invests in companies Buffett deems as being undervalued. During the 50 year span, Berkshire Hathaway’s results have been nothing short of spectacular: its shareholders haveRead More

Financial Planning – Budgeting and Insurance

Financial Planning – Budgeting and Insurance

Just yesterday a friend of mine bought his dream car, I remember 5 years ago when he told me that he wanted to buy it and finally the day was here. In bright crimson red his car stood outside his society gate waiting to be taken for a spin. Lucky him, I thought. We droveRead More

Trading Moving Averages

Trading Moving Averages So we know what a moving average is pretty well by now, a line drawn by smoothing out price data over a set period of time is a moving average.  Smoothing out helps to reduce the spike fluctuations that occur from one candlestick to another so that the line produced can easilyRead More

What Are Moving Averages?

Have you ever wondered what those squiggly blue lines on the chart are? Moving averages are perhaps the most used indicator out there for traders. I have seen traders who don’t use averages, keeping them on the chart ‘anyway’ – That is how staple this indicator is. This video by RKSV’s education arm ‘TradeAcademy’ explainsRead More