It’s time for a reality check…

Reality Check Face it: you could be doing better with your finances than you are right now. The tips and advisory services your full service broker is providing  you is not helping you. You wonder why you’re not earning from the markets when the Sensex is rallying.   Here’s a test: did your investments earnRead More

Can you do us a favor and answer 2 quick questions?

We Want to Perfect MarketTalk We have two simple questions that we hope you can answer. 1) What do you like about MarketTalk? 2) What do you dislike about MarketTalk? Based on your feedback, we’re looking to make MarketTalk better than ever before.   P.S. Ask one of your friends to subscribe to MarketTalk. It would meanRead More

Trade Academy is Launched! (Beta)

The wait is finally over. After having received hundreds of emails and phone calls from excited users around the world, we are proud to launch Trade Academy (Beta), our educational portal to increase investor awareness. Trade Academy incorporates valuable feedback from experts around the world and keeps the learner in mind at every stage. This is only the start.Read More

Is India’s GDP really higher than China’s GDP?

Much has been said and written about India’s latest GDP figure release: a 7.5% year on year growth rate for the last quarter of 2014-2015. This shocked economists and the markets alike, since the markets had priced in and expected a figure closer to 5.5%. When details of the GDP figure were released, it wasRead More

iPhone App Released for RKSV Users! Valentine’s Day Promo Extended

iPhone Users Rejoice! You can now trade on the go using RKSV’s NEST Trader Platform on the iPhone. Get live streaming quotes, monitor your positions, and buy and sell stocks right on your iPhone. Simply visit the Apple App Store and download the app on to your iPhone! Valentine’s Day Promotion Extended! We received yourRead More

Having the Monday Blues?

Having the Monday Blues? I recently read an article on Forbes that talks about 11 ways to beat the “Monday Blues”. In case you’re not familiar with the term, Mondays are apparently the day of the week  when people are their productive lowest. In a nutshell, people just hate Mondays.   I was not aware of thatRead More

Obama’s Visit to India: A Moment to Reflect Upon

A Landmark Republic Day Visit Unfolding in front of our very own eyes is an event that will undoubtedly go down in history as one of those rare political moments that marked a turn for the better for both nations involved. When US President Barack Obama lands in Delhi, it will mark the first timeRead More

The truth behind the massive bull run!

The Great Bull Run: The (seemingly) never ending marathon! Markets are up! Markets are down! The RBI cuts the Repo rate….markets move up! Analysts expect a correction in the markets…but the markets move up again! Nifty and Sensex hit all time highs…surely, a correction must occur? Markets move up again!  “A correction is expected”. MarketsRead More

RKSV’s Switchover Plan: Earn Rs. 2000!

  Make the Switch Every now and then, there comes an offer that seems too good to be true. Well, this is one of them! Switch from your current broker to RKSV and earn Rs. 2000 in brokerage credit. No questions asked!   How does it Work? It’s a simple 2 step process! Open an accountRead More

All Talk, but no Walk? The implications of Kerry’s visit to India

Cutting the Red Tape Reforms. Change. Confidence. Those are the terms that come to mind when we think about what has transpired between May, 2014- and now. But there is growing pessimism that while a slew of reforms have been announced, execution is still to happen. Take, for example, the fact that at the “Vibrant GujaratRead More

Dealing with the Social Stigmas of Trading

Dealing with the Social Stigmas of Trading Recently, I was asked to write an authored piece for a well known international publication. The topic was quite broad: “A guide to the the stock markets“. And so, since I reside in India and RKSV is a domestic, Indian retail brokerage house- the tone of the articleRead More