The founders of RKSV have over 25 years of combined experience trading on developed markets. They ran an algorithmic proprietary trading fund in the United States for almost 3 years prior to moving to India.

Set up in 2008, RKSV quickly became India’s leading high tech, algorithmic proprietary trading firm executing actively across all exchanges. In January of 2012, RKSV ventured into retail trading with the goal of disrupting the brokerage industry by drastically bringing down costs associated with online stock trading. Within a short span of time, RKSV has now become one of the largest low-cost brokerage firms in India with thousands of customers across the country.

Mission Statement

We constantly innovate and offer the Indian retail trader and investor the latest cutting-edge trading platform along with an intuitive customer experience at unbeatable pricing by leveraging the best in technology and centralized operations.

Logo Conception

RKSV stands for the initials of the founders

The bull

The bull, ready to charge. A bull thrusts its horns up into the air and is a metaphor for the upward movement of a market.

Meet the Team

The rising graph

A rising graph signifies a bullish market. It signifies investor optimism. It signifies growth.


The typeface

The typeface used is one that gives clarity of vision. Easy on the eyes, but bold and creative. These are tenets that can also be used to describe RKSV.

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