Our Referral Program
When you open an account with RKSV, you automatically become a referral partner. We believe that the best way to market ourselves is through word of mouth. That’s why we created a referral program where you can earn every month, for life.

How Much Can I Earn?

Earn 10% for every trade your friends place through our platforms.
We give daily payouts: Your earnings will be reflected at the end of each day.

Powerful Referral Dashboard Within a few clicks, you can invite all your friends to join RKSV using your own, custom referral dashboard. Track who has and who has not signed up and check-in to see, realtime, how much you have earned through referrals.

When you open an account, you also get a personal secure hyperlink that you can share on the Internet. Use your social presence on Facebook, websites, and blogs to scale up your referral earnings quickly.