Funding your account

Transferring funds between your bank and trading accounts is very simple. For transferring funds to your trading account, we support traditional bank transfer methods such as NEFT and RTGS. Funds will reach your trading account within 24-48 business hours. Additionally, we also support instant fund transfers for many popular banks in India.

Instant fund transfers supported for

Withdrawing money to your bank account

Withdrawing money from your account is as simple as funding money. On your back office dashboard, you simply place an electronic request to withdraw money to your primary bank account. Within 24-48 business hours, we will transfer money out via NEFT to your bank account. There is no manual intervention needed. For your safety and protection, we will always make sure that money can only be transferred to your registered bank accounts and to nowhere else. We will also ensure that when transferring funds out of your account, you won’t risk leaving a debit on your trading account.