The truth behind the massive bull run!

The Great Bull Run: The (seemingly) never ending marathon! Markets are up! Markets are down! The RBI cuts the Repo rate….markets move up! Analysts expect a correction in the markets…but the markets move up again! Nifty and Sensex hit all time highs…surely, a correction must occur? Markets move up again!  “A correction is expected”. MarketsRead More

Overview of Union Budget 2013

Budget 2013 – Overview The day of the budget is always tense and this time, with the Union Budget 2013,  it was no different. The markets plunged to the day’s low with BSE dropping 190 points to 18961, while Nifty declined 65 points to 5732. Rupee also, slipped to 54.18 to the dollar. Union BudgetRead More