How to Invest Wisely As the Financial Year Comes to An End

The end of the financial year is just around the corner. You might have received a nice bonus at work, or perhaps you have some extra cash sitting idle. Here’s some good news for you – the equity markets are the absolute, perfect avenue for you to invest that extra cash. Here are some importantRead More

The retail investor boom: the fear of missing out has struck

Have you ever been late to a party before? Not the kind of party where it’s “OK” to be late, but the sort of party where you wished you had shown up on time because you missed out on something big?   That’s what it’s like, right now, for those who are not investing inRead More

Investing in India: Intelligently keeping the long term picture in mind

Investing in India: Intelligently keeping the long term picture in mind Here is a staggering statistic that many might find hard to believe: out of India’s 1.2 billion population, only 1.5% of the population is participating in the stock markets in some way or form. In the US, that figure is closer to 40%. IndiansRead More

Interest Rate Futures

Interest Rate Futures – Overview Basics of Interest Rate Futures and Its Story in India Interest Rate Future (IRF) has been in news recently because of some structural changes happening in the product from the regulators. SEBI has taken a lot of effort to make sure the product picks-off well compared to its earlier version.Read More

Monitoring and Re-balancing

Monitoring and Re-balancing New Year wishes to all my dearest Readers. I am back with some more Portfolio fundas. After looking up my previous blog on what IPS is all about and having done some basic asset allocation across different asset classes, we come to a very important juncture of the process knows as MonitoringRead More

India – A Developing Nation

A Developing Nation A lot has changed over the last 50 years and a lot more going to happen in the coming 50 years. This is said in reference to the growth that’s happening in developing countries like India. When the world is investing in our country to reap the advantages of the handsome gainsRead More

Investing in Productive Assets

Investing in Productive Assets Indians are the largest buyers of gold, a high value yet unproductive asset. As the saying in the industry goes, “If India sneezes, the gold industry will catch a cold”. This article will highlight the benefits of investing in productive assets. Yet gold you see, is ultimately just a piece of passive yellowRead More

Investing in what you know

Investing in what you know I always tell people that nearly anybody can be a good investor. I do not believe everybody can be a good trader, but anyone can invest successfully, if they follow one general principle: invest in what you know. It sounds simple enough, yet it is very powerful. When pouring overRead More

Role of a Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Management A portfolio is a basket of stocks. Portfolio management of various instruments (shares, bonds, derivatives, etc..) and assets (such as real estate) are arranged in order to meet specified investment goals. A portfolio manager is a person who will help you create one to manage your risk and achieve your profit goals. Role of aRead More