Range Bound Options Strategies

Overview My previous blog covered various bearish views of strategies, implicating that an individual who is having a bearish view on the particular Stock/index can adopt an appropriate strategy to gain maximum profits with a fixed amount of calculated losses (if any).  Similarly, in this blog we will cover Range Bound Options Strategies. These are strategies where,Read More

Buying versus selling options

Buying versus selling options: choose to buy Yes, that is a bold statement! But this blog details the differences between buying versus selling options. It is said that if you are on the buy side of an options trade and if it does not work in your favor then you empty what’s there in your pocket; butRead More

Non-linearity of options payoffs

What is an Option? An option can be said to be a contract between a buyer and a seller, where a buyer pays the premium to the seller for the right to buy (call option) or to sell (put option) an asset at a predetermined future date (expiry date) at a specific price (strike price).Read More