NRI Trading at RKSV

NRI Trading at RKSV India’s economic prospects continue to be bright and its long-term growth story remains intact. As an Indian residing overseas, if you want to take advantage of the high growth back home, you can do so by investing in stocks. NRI’s trading through RKSV can purchase shares or convertible debenture of an Indian company throughRead More

Online Trading – Making It Work For You

Online Trading – Making It Work For You When it comes to trading in the markets, a critical factor to your success is making the right choices. While the reasons for you to start putting your money in stock markets could be numerous, one has to recognize the inherent risk that the stock markets carry.Read More

CTT – How it affects trading and what you need to know

CTT to be introduced on July 1, 2013 Starting July 1, 2013, the government has decided to levy a CTT tax on commodity traders. CTT stands for Commodity Transaction Tax. The actual tax is 0.01% which is applied on the sell side transactional value. This will apply to all non-farm products (such as gold, oils,Read More

Investing in what you know

Investing in what you know I always tell people that nearly anybody can be a good investor. I do not believe everybody can be a good trader, but anyone can invest successfully, if they follow one general principle: invest in what you know. It sounds simple enough, yet it is very powerful. When pouring overRead More