Our world class trading platforms are designed with the end-user in mind. Whether the customer is a passive investor, an active investor or an active trader, we want to ensure that our trading platforms cater to our customers’ needs. Our customers’ most important needs are simple: reliability and ease of use.

That’s why we offer free Desktop, Web, and Mobile versions of our trading software. We implemented advanced charting tools and comprehensive, advanced risk management systems protocols to ensure that our customers experience the best trading platform they deserve.



Powerful trading tools for elite traders. Our flagship trading platform



Intuitive stock trading platform that works within your web browser



Trade on the go with your touch device



RKSV's Desktop trading platform is built for elite traders and investors. It offers advanced trading tools catered to the active trader and investor

  • Customizable interface: every component can be fully customized as per each user’s requirement. Edit layouts, fonts, colors, and keyboard shortcuts. Customize to your specific needs so that you can trade smarter and faster
  • Low latency and enterprise level stability: Designed with speed and low latency in mind, the RKSV Desktop application streams data with the fastest possible refresh rates. RKSV Desktop remains stable even at high loads
  • Multi Monitor support: Stream data to multiple components on multiple monitors
  • Advanced Charting: Spot trends and perform technical analysis with a wide assortment of indicators
  • Advanced Order Types: Multi-leg orders, cover orders and more
  • Mouse and keyboard friendly: Fully customizable hotkeys and shortcuts to allow you to trade with high speed and precision
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Our Web trading platforms allow you to trade from anywhere using your favorite web browser

  • Powerful, and yet light: Get all the essential features you would need to be able to trade on the web. This powerful web application can be deployed on any web browser
  • Charting on the web: Fully functional charts in Java let you explore stocks and spot trends
  • Connectivity: Access to the NSE, BSE, and MCX from one unified window with lightning fast web-enabled real-time rates
  • Efficient window layout: The order window is always present, which allows you the ability to place trades quickly and efficiently


Keep a keen eye on moving stocks and analyze sectors from the palm of your hand. We have mobile trading platforms for all major flavours

  • Highly secure: Secured with two-factor authentication so unauthorized logins and accidental trades are never an issue
  • Cross platform compatibility: Works with all major platforms -- Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows
  • Seamless integration: Integration with Desktop and Web platforms ensures that you can track positions and orders on the go